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Last modified: 2008-06-16 10:22:56

This project is oriented towards the photogrammetrical processing of Sechín Temple in Peru (Spanish Templo de Cerro Sechín) using the methods of intersection and single photo photogrammetry and its visualization. In the PhotoModeler program the 3D-model and orthophotos of parts of walls with reliefs were processed for photodrawings. This model was finished in the CAD Microstation system and provided with materials from original photos. The terrain model of still unexcavated soil, which is found inside the temple, was computed in the InRoads application. Finally, the resulting animations for the purposes of next presentations were made. The photodrawings of walls with reliefs were finished in the Adobe Photoshop program.

Odvody, M. Processing and Visualization of archeological Locality Sechín. Diploma project. Prague, 2007.

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