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The Abandoned town
Last modified: 2010-10-14 19:18:14
The Abandoned town near Huayuri (La Ciudad Perdida de Huayuri in Spain) is situated in Peru near Nasca plateau in the Ica region of Santa Cruz district in Palpa province. The valley is oriented northeast aslant from the Santa Cruz River, at Huayuri village. It is possible to get there from Palpa to the West by the transatlantic highway or from Ica to the East (approximately an hour by a car). The Abandoned town is a pre-Columbian town in Peru in the late medieval period. Its period is dated sometimes between years 1000 and 1450 but it is very hard to say its exact beginning and the end. It is assumed that it starts at the Huari culture decline and finish with the Inca culture coming. But the elements of this period had been appearing at some regions only for a short time, though at other regions for a much longer time. There are some indicators that this district had been inhabited also during the Inca’s reign. The town remains spread in the valley at about 15 hectares area. There are remains of building walls in the bottom of the valley and the slopes around. Buildings are close to each other with a very small space between them that is typical for this architecture. The building structure is only for living in them; there were found no building and objects remains which should have other purposes - such as religious or economical for example. Working with the photographs and the satellite images of the area creates the map of the abandoned town. The photos were taken during the sixth expedition Nasca/Peru 2008. The expedition was organized with cooperation between HTW Dresden and CTU in Prague.The photographs were made by a professional digital camera Canon EOS 20D. The photos were used by means the intersection photogrammetry. The Photomodeler software made the model of a part of the abandoned town uncovered by a previous archaeological research. This model was placed into the area with the help of the GPS points measured during the expedition. An important part of the area was evaluated from adjusted and processed satellite data transformed by using of measured GPS points. The final model of the abandoned town near Huayuri is placed into Peruvian coordinate system PSAD56.

the map the Abandoned town near Huayuri in Peru
the 3d area view in vrml format
video demonstration of flying over the 3D model
the kml file for GoogleEarth

Abandoned town
Abandoned town

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