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Laboratory of Photogrammetry
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Basic information:

The Laboratory of Photogrammetry on Czech Technical University is the largest university photogrammetric laboratory in the Czech Republic. The equipment consists of a set a photogrammetric cameras UMK 10,20,30 and SMK 5.5, Rollei6006Metric, Olympus digital, Nikon D100, Canon 20D for terrestrial photogrammetry, precision stereocomparators STECOMETER and DICOMETER with an accuracy 0,02 mm in plane coordinates, digital stereophotogrammetric equipment DVP Leica , VSD Poland, Krakow , the professional Czech-made photogrammetric workstation PhoTopoL with Crystal Eyes hardware stereo equipment (5x) and digital photogrammetric workstation ImageStation SSK are the most used devices. Newly, the 3D scanners are installed laser scanner Callidus, Konica-Minolta with 3D printer Z410 and next 3D scanners prototypes. For archeological prospection geophysical instruments (georadar SIR 3000 and walking magnetometr GEM) are at disposal.

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Contact information:

CVUT v Praze, Fakulta stavební
Katedra geomatiky
Laborator fotogrammetrie
Thákurova 7
166 29 Praha 6
Czech republic

tel: +420 224 354 905
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