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Oblique Images - Usability Evaluation

This project is focused on evaluating graphic user interfaces and controlling of web map sites - especially on graphic user interfaces for control of oblique images.

Mapping portals - oblique images 2010 /pdf/, Mapping portals - oblique images 2011 /pdf/,
Sample project

This is a short abstract that summarizes the project. Just a few sentences that will be displayed on the home page.

Video - 3Dviewer /mp4/,
Application 3Dviewer

3Dviewer is functional system, which make spatial models accessible via Internet and provide users the basic possibilities to inspect those models.

Grant 23-091534

Ministry of transport CG912-105-520

Photogrammetric scanning of the interier relief decoration of the rock chapel near the town Velenice

Photogrammetric measurement of Great Omayyad Mosque (Aleppo - Syria)

The great Mosque of Aleppo, with its vast expanse of paved courtyard surrounded by arcades, bears an initial resemblance to the Omayyad Mosque in Damascus. The resamblance is no superfici...

Fly /avi/,
Frescos in Prague Castle

Photogrammetric measurement of High of Glacier

In the spring of the year 2001 laboratory of photogrammetry participated on measuring of height of glacier, which visitors of Prague could wonder on the street Na Příkopech, where it was slowly cranking 14 days. Glacier was measured daily and its height was identify by digital photogrammetric methods.

Animation /gif/,
Photogrammetric measurement of the Romanesque church in Rovná by Stribrna Skalice

We take interest in a making out detailed documentation of this historical prominent frescos for using reconstruction. Synchronous was measured and worked the face of the church.

Photogrammetric measurement of The Town House in Franciscan Garden in Prague

The photogrammetric measurement of the town house in Franciscan garden was effected within the practise course of Digital photogrammetry.

Photogrammetric measurement of Vladislav Hall Vault

Vladislavský sál na Pražském hradě je největším světským prostorem (62m x 16m x 13m) ve středověké části Prahy a patří k největšímu komplexu stavebních a architektonických prostor pozdního středověku.

Photogrammetric measurement of Romanic Part of Castle in Cheb

Castle in Cheb is very uncommon historical monument especially its romanic part. Laboratory of photogrammetry cooperated on documentation of this part. It was done photoplans of interior of romanic part, vector model of each stone on the walls and subsequently 2.5D model of interior.

Photogrammetric measurement of baroque castle in Jablonne

The object of our interest was measurement the face of very beatiful but in present very dilapidated building and making photoplans of the castle. In the present is this building used for childern, which hasn't parents.

Photogrammetric measurement of Belvedere in Jičín

Photogrammetric measurement of Belvedere in Jičín was done in the year 2000 within the diploma project and subsequent 3D model and also short animation were processed. The diploma project is done by Michal Čipera.

Visualisation /avi/,
Photogrammetric measurement of vault in Gothique church of Our Lady Assumption and Charles the Great on Karlov in Prague

The object of our interest was the vault over the cenral dome. The church's vault over the dome, which has average 22.8 m, was in the 14th century very daring...

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